Oh boy, do we have some celebrating to do.  Just look at these shocked faces (and pardon the blurry photography…I blame the excitement).

On Friday evening, the Fairmont Board of Realtors voted Misty Rohaly 2019 Realtor of the Year and Mary Anne Mullenax 2019 Rising Star!  We were overwhelmed by all of the nominations and kind words from our fellow realtors in the Fairmont Board.  It was especially touching to us that Mary Anne’s award was presented to her by last year’s Rising Star, our Lindsay Gray.

Misty is so deserving to be called Realtor of the Year. Her success as a realtor is a result of unrelenting hard work. Her joy is contagious, and she works tirelessly for her clients and inspires agents around her to do the same. To say that she’s dedicated to real estate is an understatement, and it’s our honor and great pleasure to get to work with her everyday.  And our Rising Star, Mary Anne, is also devoted to her clients and colleagues and refuses to give anyone anything less than her best. Her dedication is evident in her success in her new career as a realtor!

Both of these wonderful women are blessings to Keystone Realty Group, and we can’t wait to celebrate properly with them!